Luca the Engineer

Giving our customers products that make a real difference inspires Luca Fasoli, our Vice President, Engineering, on a regular basis. "It's what drives me," he says. And driven, he is. He gets things done and in the process gets to stretch and grow as an engineer.


Meet Luca the Big Picture Guy

At SanDisk, we focus on the big picture. Even though Luca is engaged in the technology details of our products, he gets excited about the grand scheme of things.

"We're building memory solutions that are going to be in products touched and used by billions of people all across the world! We sometimes work long hours, but I love working with my colleagues and the fact that we're brought together by a singular purpose."





"I get to learn new things every day here. You have to learn, and quickly. We're an engineering driven company. Being here, I've learned how to work at a higher, more strategic level, but then dive down into the technical details whenever necessary."



Meet Luca the Go-Getter

Luca has seen steady career progression at SanDisk. His leadership on a critical project for a key OEM customer resulted in him obtaining a new position and more responsibility within SanDisk. According to Luca, "I'm juggling lots of things - new products, new technologies, working across the company with marketing, packaging, testing, and others to make things happen." This kind of collaboration and continuing growth is what working at SanDisk is all about.

Meet Luca the Competitor

Beyond training for work-related skills (although there is plenty of that available), Luca has enjoyed training of a different sort as part of the SanDisk running club. He started running marathons in 2001 and now regularly logs miles with his co-workers at lunch and on the weekends.

"Running at SanDisk is a great way to exercise and make friends in the company outside of your normal working relationships."