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LinkUp Systems L7210 System-On-Chip Integrates SanDisk Secure Digital (SD) Card Controller

Feb 21, 2001

ARM-Based L7210 Supports Secure Digital Card Storage Of Music, Content For Smart Cellular Phones, Music Players, PDAs And Internet Applications

SUNNYVALE, CA., Feb. 21, 2001 - SanDisk Corporation (NASDAQ:SNDK) today announced that LinkUp Systems Corporation has completed the development of its L7210 system-on-chip (SoC) processor that includes a built-in hardware Secure Digital (SD) Card controller to support the SD flash memory card co-developed by SanDisk. Manufacturers can now build smart cellular phones, music players, PDAs and other Internet appliances with the ability to playback and store media like music and video, while protecting copyrighted content from digital piracy.

The L7210's SD Card controller provides a direct connection to SD Cards, which let users download, store and playback secure audio, speech and music files and other data. The SD Card offers high storage capacity (currently 32 and 64 megabytes), fast data transfer, flexibility and security for copyright-protected data like recorded music.

"LinkUp Systems L7210 system-on-chip breaks new ground by including a built-in interconnect for Secure Digital flash cards," said Rich Wawrzyniak, director of non volatile memory at Semico Research. "Combining a processor like the L7210 with the SD Card will help designers build affordable, innovative new products that offer high capacity storage, music player functionality and offer SD Card's unique ability to secure content and protect the rights of copyright holders such as record companies."

"LinkUp Systems believes the SD Card will become the standard in providing secure storage for portable consumer electronics products, by allowing owners of copyrighted material to place it on the Internet without piracy concerns," said Ravi Bhatnagar, CEO and president of LinkUp Systems. "The SD-enabled L7210 is designed to power this exciting new generation of Internet devices, which will offer the legal download and playback of entertainment content."

Nelson Chan, senior vice president of worldwide sales and marketing at SanDisk, said, "LinkUp Systems has accomplished a significant achievement by integrating an SD Card interface controller into their new L7210 processor. The L7210 processor offers designers a convenient way to create innovative information appliances with truly secure storage, while protecting the security of copyrighted material like music."

The LinkUp Systems L7210 is a low-power, high performance processor for smart phones, PDAs, music players and Internet appliances. The L7210 includes an ARM720TÔ processor with sophisticated power management, Bluetooth interface compatibility, USB connectivity and AC Link audio codec support for 16-bit stereo sound. Sampling is expected to start in Q2, 2001, with mass production scheduled for Q4, 2001. The device is priced at under $25 per unit in quantities of 10,000.

The SD Card is designed to meet the security, capacity, ergonomic and performance requirements of emerging audio, video, data and multimedia consumer electronics markets. Jointly developed by Matsushita Electronic Industrial Co., SanDisk and Toshiba Corporation, the SD Card includes enhancements over existing flash cards such as cryptographic security, protection of copyrighted data, high data transfer rate and backwards compatibility with existing MultiMediaCards for non-secure applications.

The combination of the L7210's low power consumption and the SD card will help OEMs create smaller, sleeker consumer products such as music players, Internet appliances, cellular phones, digital still and video cameras, handheld computers and set-top boxes. LinkUp Systems is one of more than 200 member companies of the SD Association, an industry-wide group created to set standards for the SD Card and promote its wide acceptance.

About LinkUp Systems
LinkUp Systems Corporation provides ARM CPU core-based, system-enabling solutions targeting the fast-growing Internet appliance and consumer electronics market. The company's L7200 processor family is optimized for low power portable applications (such as Pocket PCs, smart cellular phones and Wireless Internet terminals), high performance desktop solutions such as screen phones, and mobile multimedia embedded markets. LinkUp also provides support chips for Intel's StrongARM® SA-1100 integrated processor. The company is headquartered at 3401 Leonard Court, Santa Clara, CA 95054 and can be reached at (408) 988-1848. More information is available at

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