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SanDisk Taps Denali Software To Deliver Design Simulation Models To Speed Integration Of Flash Memory Into Consumer Devices

Sep 9, 2002

Denali Software Offers Simulation Models For Flash Products Including CompactFlash And NAND Flash


SUNNYVALE, CA, Sep. 9, 2002-SanDisk Corporation, the leading provider of flash storage cards and technologies, (NASDAQ: SNDK) and Denali Software, Inc., the leader in memory system design and verification, today announced a collaborative effort to develop simulation models for SanDisk's NAND flash memory, CompactFlash® and Secure Digital™ (SD) memory products.

SanDisk products are modeled using Denali's SOMA™ (Specification Of Memory Architecture) language, which ensures compatibility with all commercial engineering tools for simulation and verification. The models enable design engineers to perform advanced simulations of their product designs with SanDisk's flash memory devices-ultimately reducing costs and speeding the product development cycle while increasing overall product quality.

"The next generation of mobile electronics have ever-increasing data storage requirements," said Kevin Silver, Denali vice president of marketing. "This, coupled with the time-to-market pressures of consumer applications, can strain the resources required to design and verify the memory systems in these new products. Using software simulation models for flash memory integration can increase a company's competitive advantage as it develops and brings innovative new products to market even faster by decreasing development time and time to market. We are excited about working with SanDisk to streamline the integration of flash memory products into this new wave of mobile electronics."

Bo Ericsson, vice president of OEM product marketing, said, "NAND Flash memory and flash storage cards have proven to be an ideal storage medium for consumer electronics devices such as digital cameras, mobile phones, digital audio players and hand held computers. The technology is growing rapidly in importance for the next generation of mobile devices. Denali provides our customers tools to easily integrate flash memory models into their system design."

David Lin, Vice President of Applications Engineering of Denali, said, "Our MMAV (Memory Modeler, Advanced Verification) product not only provides the highest quality representation of memory devices, but it also helps our customers verify the overall memory subsystem by enabling them to observe and operate on system-level data transactions during simulation. This 'data-driven verification' approach is important to accelerating the overall verification task."

CompactFlash and NAND flash memory models are available immediately from Denali at (case sensitive):

About SOMA
Denali created the XML-based SOMA language in 1996 to capture all the unique characteristics-timing, features, and functionality-of any particular memory. Working with every major worldwide memory vendor, Denali has characterized all commercially available memory product offerings as well as unannounced products in SOMA files. Currently over 4000 SOMA models are made available on memory vendor websites and Denali's own Used in conjunction with Denali's de-facto industry standard MMAV design tool, SOMA memory models are interoperable with over 20 electronic design automation (EDA) design and verification tools.

About SanDisk
SanDisk, the world's largest supplier of flash data storage products, designs, manufactures and markets industry-standard, solid-state data, digital imaging and audio storage products using its patented, high density flash memory and controller technology. SanDisk is based in Sunnyvale, CA.

About Denali Software, Inc.
Denali Software Inc. is the world's largest provider of comprehensive solutions for memory system selection, design, integration, and verification. Denali enables memory selection and memory processor configuration through its dedicated online infrastructure at More than 400 companies worldwide use Denali's tools, technology, and services to efficiently integrate new memory technologies into complex system designs for communication, consumer, and computer products. For more information, contact Denali at or call (650) 461-7200.

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