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Mar 26, 2014

SanDisk Also Expands its Scholars Program to China and Japan

MILPITAS, Calif., March 26, 2014 – SanDisk Corporation (NASDAQ: SNDK), a global leader in flash storage solutions, today announced the recipients of the 2013-2014 SanDisk Scholars Program. Over $1 million in scholarships and grants were awarded to nearly 100 undergraduate and graduate university students in the United States to support their pursuit of degrees in a science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) discipline. SanDisk also announced it is expanding the program to China and Japan to students pursuing STEM-related studies.

The SanDisk Scholars Program grants scholarships to students based upon their prior academic achievements and meaningful levels of community engagement, as well as financial need. Of the $1.5 million committed for 2013-2014, scholarships have been awarded to undergraduate and graduate students attending 28 universities across 12 states including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Georgia Institute of Technology, Stanford University, University of California, Berkeley, University of California, Los Angeles and University of Southern California.

“SanDisk’s generous support offers Cal students pursuing a STEM-related degree critical resources to fulfill their academic goals, which may have otherwise not been possible,” said S. Shankar Sastry, Dean of the College of Engineering and Roy W. Carlson Professor, University of California, Berkeley. “STEM-related studies are a key element of UC Berkeley’s leading curriculum, and the SanDisk Scholars Program further enables us to offer these important fields of study to the innovators of tomorrow.”

“The education our students receive prepares them to solve some of the most pressing engineering challenges in the world,” said Dr. James D. Plummer, Dean of the School of Engineering at Stanford University. “Our ability to offer graduate fellowship packages is one of the things that helps us attract these top students to Stanford University, and we’re very grateful for SanDisk’s support and commitment to our efforts.”

“SanDisk is passionate about helping the next generation of technology leaders pursue their dreams in STEM-related careers,” said Sanjay Mehrotra, president and chief executive officer, SanDisk. “Not only does our support better position them for future success, but it also helps foster a greater pool of qualified talent, which will benefit the technology industry in years to come.”

Expanding the SanDisk Scholars Program to China and Japan

In addition to continuing to provide scholarships to students pursuing STEM-related studies in the U.S., SanDisk is expanding the program to China and Japan in 2014. Thirty scholarships will be awarded in each country to students participating in engineering and computer science programs at the following universities:

  • China:
    • Shanghai Jiaotong University
    • Xidian University
    • Zhejiang University
  • Japan:
    • Nagoya University
    • Tohoku University
    • University of Tokyo

For more information on the SanDisk Scholars Fund or to submit an application for 2014, visit:

Statements from Select 2013-2014 SanDisk Scholars in the U.S.:

“Receiving a scholarship from SanDisk will allow me to pursue a Master of Science degree from one of the best programs in the country,” said Chris Almodovar, student at Stanford University. “With this scholarship, I am able to explore my research interests within mechanical engineering and focus on acquiring the right skills that will help me make a difference in the world one day. Thank you!”

“I am a materials science and engineering major, with an interest in becoming a doctor,” said Grace Tuyiringire, student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “Thank you, SanDisk, for this opportunity. With this scholarship, I will be able to focus on my goal of becoming a MD and a bigger leader in the MIT community.”

“It is an honor to be acknowledged for my efforts by a company like SanDisk,” said Claire Lochner, student at the University of California, Berkeley. “I’m currently working on a research project that aims to bring real-time physical health visibility through something as simple as a Band-Aid. I’m excited about my work and how it could potentially improve many lives.”

About the SanDisk Foundation:

SanDisk’s mission as a philanthropic company is to support programs and organizations that address the needs of communities where our company has a significant presence. SanDisk strives to be an exemplary corporate citizen within the global community. The SanDisk Foundation, a corporate advised fund of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, helps carry out this mission by making donations to non-profit organizations and community groups within our key focus areas: K-12 education, promoting STEM-focused programs, and children’s health and well-being. Since 2003, the SanDisk Foundation has awarded more than $25 million to almost 1,000 charitable organizations worldwide.

The SanDisk Scholars Program, created in 2012, utilizes a $1.5 million annual budget to award scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing education and university research in STEM fields.

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