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FlashSoft® for vSphere enables a solid-state storage device (SSD) to function as a cache for frequently accessed hot data in a server. FlashSoft software is installed as an ESXi kernel module within the vSphere operating system. By caching the hot data on a high-speed SSD installed on the server, access times are reduced and applications spend less time waiting for data.


FlashSoft flexibility provides the best capability to migrate business critical applications to virtual infrastructures.

  • FlashSoft is non-intrusive. FlashSoft works with any DAS or SAN storage subsystem and requires no change to storage management, backup, or compliance polices.
  • FlashSoft is hardware neutral. FlashSoft works with any SSD vendor or any server vendor.
  • FlashSoft supports any guest OS. By running in the host OS, any guest OS can take advantage of FlashSoft acceleration.
  • FlashSoft is fast. SQL Server benchmarks run 2 to 4 times faster1.
  • FlashSoft increases virtual infrastructure efficiency, supporting up to three times the VM density2.
  • FlashSoft is a VMWare Partner Verified & Supported Product (PVSP). FlashSoft software will have continued support and compatibility with VMware vSphere as new patches and updates are released.

Solid-state server-side caching software


Installs in the hypervisor on the server.

No agent in guest VM
Remove the configuration challenge, additional overhead, and security concerns associated with agents running in each VM.

Low resource utilization
FlashSoft scales to support very large numbers of VMs without increasing CPU or memory requirements which stay at 3-5% of overall CPU and average 300MB of RAM3 no matter how many VMs are accelerated.

Dynamic cache allocation
FlashSoft automatically ensures optimal cache usage per VM, assigning cache space dynamically as new VMs are added. No need to adjust existing VMs.

Integrated with VMware Update Manager (VUM)
FlashSoft is shipped in a standard VIB format and can be deployed using VMware Update Manager (VUM).

Live cache assignment
Assign & re-assign cache to VMs without VM restart.

Support for latest VMware version
5.1, 5.5

Increase Application Performance

Lower I/O latency increases application performance from 2x to 4x1.

Increase VM Density over 3x

  • Tile-based virtualization scalability test2
  • Baseline: 4 tiles, 391@24 VMs
  • With FlashSoft: 13 tiles, 1227@78 VMs

vCenter™ Plug-in

A standard plug-in to vCenter supports management of FlashSoft functions directly through the vCenter GUI. No need to dedicate another server or VM to manage the cache software.

System Requirements

Operating System

  • VMware vSphere 5.1 (ESXi 5.1) 
  • VMware vSphere 5.5 (ESXi 5.5)


64-bit x86 processor 2 or more cores


  • Minimum Size: 16GB 
  • Maximum Size: 16TB


Any DAS or SAN storage


1. Based on internal testing. Results from an OLTP workload test. System under test: Dell R720. Performance numbers are tpmC scores. Complete test report available.

2. Based on internal testing. Results from a tile-based virtualization scalability test. System under test: Dell 810. Complete test report available.

Specifications are subject to change.


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