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The SanDisk Technology Partner Ecosystem Delivers Flash Integrated Solutions to Transform Data Centers.

In addition to the partners quoted in the SanDisk Technology Partner press release, the following SanDisk Technology Partners shared their thoughts on how the program is benefitting them and their customers.


"CloudByte virtualizes the enterprise storage in the form of storage containers which in turn delivers granular guarantee of IOPS for each volume. This patented technology is more applicable in the all flash environment. With the very high reliability, SanDisk’s flash and solid-state drives are the preferred media of choice for CloudByte to deliver this unique capability in the multi-tenant environment."

Felix Xavier,
Founder, CEO, CloudByte


"SanDisk and Flash are synonymous. SanDisk built the flash industry on a reputation of quality and performance and has the broadest portfolio of flash storage options on the market today. DataCore, through its Parallel-I/O architecture, is committed to driving ultra-low latency storage solutions with industry-best economics. DataCore is excited to deliver proven solutions to customers, such as CompuGroup, through the SanDisk Technology Partner Program that drive innovation and significantly improve business outcomes for our customers."

Christian Marczinke,
Vice President, Worldwide Solution Architecture, DataCore


"Elastifile and SanDisk have worked closely together enabling joint customers to reap the benefits of software defined, scale-out, all-flash storage solutions. Elastifile's set of distributed file, flash optimized features and ease of management, enables customers to expand their all flash environment beyond the scope of tier zero applications to a wide range of enterprise and web scale use cases."

Amir Aharoni,
CEO and Cofounder, Elastifile


"The SanDisk Technology Partner Program provides Formation Data Systems with tremendous access to both technical and go to market resources to collaborate on a broad number of data center use cases for our combined customers. SanDisk InfiniFlash all-flash storage combined with the FormationOne Dynamic Storage Platform provides customers with the performance of an all flash array with the agility, control and cost savings of a hyper-scale software-defined storage platform."

Rick Walsworth,
Vice President Marketing, Formation Data Systems


"Software-defined platforms are disrupting traditional storage architectures in the enterprise storage market. As more organizations move towards a software-defined data center and hyper-convergence, they will want to leverage solutions that provide the best performance, scalability and efficiency. Together with SanDisk’s Flash Storage solutions, we are able to satisfy customer requirements in the most cost-efficient manner."

Yoram Novick,
Founder and CEO, Maxta

Milestone Systems

"Surveillance needs are expanding the volume of video storage, causing an increasing concern for data centers. The synergies between Milestone XProtect’s tiered storage architecture and the throughput capacity offered by SanDisk’s flash storage technology can help Milestone integrators and their customers reduce sprawl, while retaining all of their video in a secure, redundant environment. Our partnership with SanDisk reinforces our focus on Milestone’s open platform IP video community, and provides excellent support and advanced performance options for our shared eco-system partners."

Reinier Tuinzing,
Strategic Alliance Manager, Milestone Systems


"The combined synergies between SanDisk all flash products and Nexenta’s software-defined storage solutions drive our increased market presence and sales reach to align with target workloads. Together, we’ve provided customers, such as GleSYS Internet Services AB, with a comprehensive, low-cost architecture by combining NexentaStor with InfiniFlash and we look forward to new successes as a part of the SanDisk Technology Partner Program."

Don Lopes,
Vice President, Marketing and Channels, Nexenta


"SanDisk’s Technology Partner program is helping Quanta Cloud Technology and our customers to accelerate the transformation of the data center by changing the performance and economics of IT. Our scalable server solutions, combined with SanDisk’s InfiniFlash platform, enable our cloud and big data customers to achieve business acceleration and unmatched storage capacity."

Mike Yang,
President, QCT

Red Hat

"We are proud to support the SanDisk Technology Partner Program. Our alliance aims to deliver the power of scale and performance of flash technology as never before, and we believe it has the potential to disrupt today’s traditional, proprietary storage market. Our customers now have an expanded portfolio of best-of-breed platforms, as SanDisk’s InfiniFlash Platform and Red Hat Ceph Storage have been tested, optimized, and certified together for optimal stability and performance."

Ranga Rangachari,
Vice president and General Manager, Storage, Red Hat


"SIOS and SanDisk now have a unique and powerful partnership that highlights our complementary technologies to solve a critical need for customers with important virtualized applications that must meet user’s performance requirements. The biggest problem in addressing performance challenges is finding the real storage bottlenecks and fixing them. Our SIOS iQ machine learning-based analytics software accurately identifies the problem and provides precise recommendations IT needs to intelligently deploy and configure FlashSoft software with SanDisk SSDs, or Fusion ioMemory PCIe cards. This combo delivers lightning speed storage performance for critical applications that is far more cost-efficient than alternative approaches in the market."

Jerry Melnick,
President and CEO, SIOS


"Businesses today require flexible shared storage options to support high-performing applications. SoftNAS and SanDisk deliver enterprise-class, software-defined NAS on the SanDisk InfiniFlash™ Platform, delivering more than 206K IOPS on just one-half of a full InfiniFlash SSD array using deduplication and iSCSI. Today, using this combination of technology, customers can achieve outstanding price/performance with inline deduplication of InfiniFlash storage accessible via iSCSI, NFS, CIFS with federated Active Directory integration supporting billions of files."

Rick Braddy,
CEO and CTO, SoftNAS


"Stratoscale is partnering with SanDisk to radically transform how private and public clouds are built in today's existing data centers. With SanDisk's expertise in flash storage technology, Stratoscale has optimized its Symphony software solution for cloud and virtualization environments running on servers with SanDisk SSD and flash products."

Ariel Maislos,
Founder and CEO, Stratoscale


"Tegile’s mission is to accelerate the transformation of enterprise IT by changing the performance and economics of enterprise storage. Our IntelliFlash HD all-flash storage arrays, with SanDisk’s InfiniFlash architecture, allow our customers to achieve business acceleration and unmatched data center economics."

Rob Commins,
Vice President, Marketing, Tegile


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