Joseph Peter



Joseph Peter

Joseph Peter

SanDisk Extreme Team Member

Joseph Peter ( is one of the most traveled young Artist/Photographers in the world having traveled to over 130 countries before his 30th birthday in 2009. At the age of 18, Joseph moved to Paris to work for ESPN during the FIFA World Cup '98 and thereafter pursued his professional soccer career and furthered his art studies. Ten years later, Joseph fuels his passion for his craft by traveling most of the year documenting portraits of people all over the world. Joseph is on pace to travel to all 208 countries in the world by his 35th birthday in 2015 in pursuit of his Global Book of Happiness. Joseph has taken portraits of over 40 heads of state, public figures, musicians, etc, and donates a great deal of work to charities such as the America India Foundation and the Global Action Fun for Children.

Joseph takes the medium of photography to the extreme with SanDisk Extreme® memory cards.



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